Donor Privacy and Data Protection Policy

The Grove City Area United Way respects the privacy of donors and safeguards the confidentiality of information that the donor would reasonably expect to be private.  Information learned by any representative of the Grove City Area United Way about a donor or a donor’s assets or philanthropic intentions shall be held in strict confidence by the staff, Board of Directors and campaign volunteers.

Donors who reach special recognition levels (Leadership level givers) may be acknowledged and published in various GCAUW publications and campaign materials.  Donors at recognition levels may request to remain anonymous in these publications by indicating their wishes on their pledge card or by contacting the Grove City Area United Way.  GCAUW will honor requests by donors to remain anonymous.

The Grove City Area United Way does not sell, rent or exchange its mailing list of donors, prospective donors, interested parties, etc.  GCAUW will honor requests by donors to remain anonymous, have their names removed from mailing lists or to restrict appeals.  Information about donors, amounts of their gifts and other information that should be private will not be made public.

All data tangibly stored on paper should be kept in a secure place in which only authorized individuals can access when necessary.  Data printouts should be shredded and securely disposed of when no longer required for authorized use.

All electronically stored data will also be protected by unauthorized access and misuse:
•    Data should be protected by strong passwords which are only known by authorized staff.
•    Data should only be stored on designated drives and servers and never on personal computers.
•    All servers and computers containing data should be protected by approved security software.
•    All computers containing data should be locked when unattended.
•    Personal data should never be shared informally.